Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Hobby Goals 2017

Well 2016 wasn't a particularly productive year in the hobby for me (being an all-round bad year for many), though in the last few months of it some painting and modelling did get done in the form of some Warmachine miniatures and my Flesh-eaters, respectively. With the start of 2017 (after an incredibly busy January) I have decided to take stock of my current hobby situation and actually write down what I am doing, rather than just having a nebulous idea of what projects I am working on in my head. This is largely for posterity and I look forward to seeing how successful I have been at achieving these things by the end of the year!

Earl Grymtyde of Gravenport
Currently a permanent feature of my desk telling me to get on and do some painting


These are my current main projects which I am working on and should hopefully feature most prominently on the blog if this year goes as planned. These are listed roughly in the order of priority I have given them though is subject to change:

- Flesh-eater Courts - This is my current lead project with loads still to do. The fact that practically everything is WIP right now is why they haven't appeared on the blog yet beyond my Mournghoul. I am hoping to visit them in the next few weeks and get some troops done to put on the blog.

- Witch-Hunters - My old force of Sisters of Battle and Inquisitorial stuff has undergone a few dozen different iterations over the years and with the release of Saint Celestine and rumours of plastic Battle Sisters on the horizon I have decided to re-paint and re-vamp this army. More on this coming soon.

Test scheme for my Battle Sisters
- Lich Warband - My brother and I are working on a skirmish project for which I am building a small force centred around a character who has appeared in several projects of mine. Originally being my first Dungeons and Dragons character: the Sun Elf necromancer Avrilar Amalith, self-proclaimed Lord of Corbalan and Dark-Lich, is finally getting a small army to boss around. This project is very WIP at the moment but is slowly going places.

- Menoth - I am continuing to work on my Menites whom I unfortunately didn't manage to finish before Christmas. In fact I have elected to take a small break from them and focus instead on the three projects listed above as I wont have the opportunity to battle with them until Easter anyway.


I also have a few ongoing projects which I am working on intermittently. These are admittedly projects I have started and not finished due to fatigue or getting sidetracked, mostly being army re-painting and other stuff that keeps getting put on the back burner. These aren't listed in any particular order.

- Tomb Kings - I am in the middle of re-painting this army for display purposes, other things however keep getting in the way of me moving beyond base colours. Painting the whole army in stages as well is exhausting. Painting all the gold on 100+ miniatures takes a long time and is quite an insane thing to undertake now that I think about it. 

- Imperial Guard - I am also in the middle of re-painting this army to sit alongside my Sisters of Battle. They are on hiatus for now while I work on my Witch-Hunters. I am currently entertaining notions of breaking this army up a bit and returning it to its roots as allies to my main Witch-Hunting force. Possibly converting some superfluous miniatures into a Necromunda war band if I ever get around to it. 

- Kingdom Death - I have a backlog of various KD models I have picked up over the past two years. I use these miniatures to experiment with different painting styles so I usually only work on them when I feel like breaking up batch painting. Something that hasn't happened a lot this past year as I haven't really been painting at all!
3 WIP minis I am working on at the moment
- Misc. Age of Sigmar stuff - I have some random Elves and some Sisters of Sigmar I would like to do something with, even if they just end up as small war bands that sit alongside my main Death Alliance stuff. Will just have to wait and see what happens with them.


These are ideas that I have had, but possess no current plans to pursue. I have written them down in rough order of how likely I am to actually do them though it is unlikely any of them will get done while I still have ongoing projects.

- Tzeentch - I have been thinking of re-basing my chaos army onto round bases and picking up some the new Arcanites. The new Lord of Change in particular is making it really hard not to want to, especially the Kairos Fateweaver configuration. My main problem is that my current AoS army is still in the works with several miniatures I still need to buy bases for.

I need this in my life!
- Adeptus Mechanicus - Always loved the miniatures and I will be getting Belisarius Cawl in the box with Saint Celestine so he may end up with some friends at some point depending on if I decide to re-visit Tzeentch or not.

- Space Marines - I have a small force of Dark Angels Space Marines I am not particularly happy with who might receive some attention. Have been thinking about repainting them as Blood Angels and adding some of the miniatures from that range I really like. Depends on how my other Imperial projects go. 

- Blood bowl - for a long while now I have contemplated putting together a team, most likely of Dark Elves. While this would be a relatively low-cost project I always seem to have other things going on.

- Infinity - I have been considering this for quite some time. I was going to pick up an ALEPH starter box a few years ago but got distracted by Warmachine instead. If my other projects are a success I might start nearer the end of this year.

- Sisters of Silence - I absolutely love the miniatures and I am not sure whether to just add a squad to my Witch Hunters or if I should actually start a small 30k force of them. I suppose it depends on if Forge World announce any plans to expand on them in a meaningful way like they are doing with Custodes.

If Forge World could make these that would be fantastic

- Busts/large scale figures - I have often fancied trying out painting resin busts or larger scale miniatures. Alas, the smaller stuff always seems to win my wallet.

- Historical - As a student of history and a miniature war gamer I probably ought to have done something that combines the two by now, even if it is just a handful of English Civil War regiments.

So those are my current thoughts on what I am doing and thinking of doing in the hobby this year. As ever projects I want to do or have abandoned in favour of shiny new stuff outweighs what I am actually working on at the moment. While this is the final year of my undergraduate degree I am on top of my work (in some places well ahead) and I hope this should free up some time to paint the ever-increasing stack of unpainted miniatures I own. 

Every hobbyist I have met has a habit of stacking up a lot of projects, unpainted miniatures, and unfulfilled ideas. I hope to burn through as many of mine as possible in 2017 which is already shaping up to be an interesting year in the world of miniature wargaming. 

This year I am hoping to try out some new things, improve my painting skills, and have a lot of fun with some unusual modelling projects. I plan on putting much of this on the blog to help motivate me and I hope those of you who are following enjoy what I put out. 

- Doombringer

Monday, 21 November 2016

Returning to Warmachine

Over the summer my brother, on a whim, busted out his Warmachine stuff and coaxed me into having some games with him. While I fared miserably against the might of Cygnar, it did prompt me into doing something with my Menites. I started playing Warmachine in 2013 but between Dark Elves and the End Times my fledgeling collection has received very little attention for quite a few years now.

After a few games in August I decided to re-paint my Warmachine stuff and add a few things to my collection as a side project to my Flesh-Eater Court. I have already spent some time experimenting with colour schemes and after failing to work out a gold and bone scheme I have settled on a dark look of silver, black and deep turquoise.

I have based the look on this plog I found on Privateer Press's Forums: DonQuijotes Menoth
While I won't be copying the scheme exactly I will admit that I am borrowing very heavily from it as inspiration. For a long time I have not really liked darker Menoth schemes but this one won me over and I have elected to batch paint my entire collection in this darker style.

I would like to qualify that I have not suddenly become a master of tiny freehand overnight. The text on her scroll was done using an exceptionally fine pen.

I appreciate these are not the best photos and the minis are incredibly WIP but I though that if I post them now I will find the motivation to try and finish them before Christmas. Check back in a few weeks time and we shall see if we can get some better picture of some finished minis on here.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

How to: Basing in the Realm of Death

I haven't seen too many basing tutorials for Age of Sigmar and thought I would throw this one into the mix for people to enjoy. It is a variation on a few techniques and tutorials I have seen floating around the web to make lava or to create the impression of an energy impact.

The idea behind this base is that the malignant magics of the realm of death are seeping up and forcing their way through the earth as battle is joined on the plains of Shyish.

1. Swirl your colours of death together. I elected to use several of the paints which I have used for spirits in this army: Xereus Purple, Baharroth Blue, Celestra Grey, Ulthuan Grey and Ceramite White

2. The base is covered in a layer of clear PVA glue. This will help the Martian Ironearth crack more dramatically.

3. When the PVA is dry put a good coating of Martian Ironearth over the base. On larger bases you will see it start to crack and separate mere seconds after application due to the PVA so make sure you work quickly. To help the effect I like to hold the drying Ironearth under a hairdryer for a few minutes as well; holding the hairdryer about 12 inches away from the base so as not to warp the plastic when on full heat.

4. When the base is dry some abaddon black is lightly dry brushed over the top just to help darken the earth and create contrast with the magical colours beneath.

5. The lip of the base is painted with Naggaroth Night mixed with a small amount of Xereus Purple (about 2:1). I then like to finish the base off with some Mordheim Turf and a little splatter of blood. When I come to stick together my Flesh-Eaters I will also paint up the odd skull and bits of bone to glue onto the base as well to help break it ups bit.

Below are some examples of this technique used on larger bases and also demonstrating how it can be done to make it appear as if spirits are rising out of the tortured earth.

Best of luck with your own basing in the Mortal Realms!

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Game of Thrones - The Mad Queen

Season 6 Finale SPOILERS Ahead!

Continue at your own risk!

I really enjoyed Season 6 of Game of Thrones. While I had a few issues with one or two storylines and some of the pacing; I did find it a big improvement over season 5 (which I really didn't like i.e. Dorne) and there were lots of scenes and surprises I really enjoyed. The last two episodes in particular were excellent and it is a real shame that their director, Miguel Sapochnik, has been nabbed by Netflix and won't be directing any episodes in season 7.

While Battle of the Bastards was a true spectacle perhaps one of the best visual representations of the grim realities of medieval warfare I have ever seen, the final episode: The Winds of Winter was a plot and character driven rollercoaster I really enjoyed. The first fifteen minutes or so in Kings Landing for me was the standout part of the season.

The piece of music which accompanied Cersi's revenge on House Tyrell and the Faith, quite fittingly called 'The Light of the Seven', was brilliant if a little different to the usual score given the use of a piano and an organ. The entire segment very much felt like the ending of one of the Godfather films where we see Michael orchestrate revenge on all those who have slighted him at once.

The climax of course was the burning of the Sept of Baelor where wildfire caches that have remained hidden since the days of the Mad King are lit by Qyburn's little birds. I have already seen one or two spectacular pieces of art based around this scene and I felt inspired to do one myself which I have titled: 'The Mad Queen'.

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Contest of Night Winner!

The other day I entered the Contest of Night that author Josh Reynolds was holding on his website with his recent Realmgate Wars book: 'Mortarch of Night' as the prize. As I have decided to finally take the plunge into Age of Sigmar I thought I might as well enter and get myself a free signed book. 

I was therefore delighted to discover that Josh really liked my miniature and selected it as the winning entry for the contest! You can see the post announcing me as the winner here on his blog: Hunting Monsters. This was quite the nice surprise for me after a series of minor life mishaps and I really look forward to reading this book and delving deeper into the Age of Sigmar. 

Enthused by this win I hope to finally get around to finishing writing my review of 'Bladestorm' by Gav Thorpe and finally get a few photos of Age of Sigmar miniatures onto the blog. For now though I will leave you with a picture of my winning entry with some small commentaries on the model.

Agengrim One-Eye of Gravenport - Bishop of the Church of Nagash's Hand

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